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Gothic style is the most distinctive feature of Torun. Our city is famous for the biggest number, after Krakow, of authentic works of Gothic art and architecture in Poland. The official promoting motto of the city is “Torun – get gothic”.

Torun was founded in 1233. Throughout the dramatic history of Poland, the city was fortunately saved from the considerable destruction. Therefore, many of numerous medieval structures have been preserved to present times.

All the monuments represent the magnificent achievements of brick Gothic architecture in Europe. Residential buildings are the biggest and the best-maintained examples of Gothic residential architecture in Northern Europe.

Among the pearls of Gothic Torun one can find, among others: St Johns’ Cathedral, St Jacob’s church, The Blessed Virgin Mary’s church, the Town Hall, Copernicus House, the Leaning Tower, city gates and the city walls. The authenticity of Gothic skyline of Torun was one of the most important arguments supporting the decision to add Torun to the UNESCO List of World Heritage Sites on 4th December 1997.

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Map of Torun

Map of Torun

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