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Song of Songs Festival

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A t the beginning of June, during the first weekend of summer holidays, Song of Songs Festival takes place in Torun. Since 1998 Polish and foreign artists have been performing on stage, presenting modern, professional Christian music, addressed to adolescents.

The Festival takes place within the Old Town, mostly within the walls of the former Teutonic Knights’ Castle on the Vistula river. Due to the main motto of the festival, thousands of young people in the audience, extraordinary scenery of the medieval buildings, professional bands on the stage, interest on the part of the media, and the unique ambience, the festival has become one of the most important cultural events in Torun.

The Song of Songs Society is the main inventor and organiser of the festival. The Society stresses the importance of Gospel as an inspiration for artists, adding that the artistic performance bears testimony to their faith. As a part of the festival, artists are awarded Tuba Dei- annual musical awards for Polish Christian Stage.
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