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Planetarium and Orbitarium in Torun

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Nicholas Copernicus wrote in his “De Revolutionibus…” work – “What can be more beautiful than the sky that embraces all that is beautiful”. Those who will visit the Planetarium in Torun will certainly agree with this statement.

It is the most technically advanced planetarium in Poland and one of the biggest tourist attractions in Torun. Due to its characteristic architectural design – the semicircular dome and rotunda shape, the building is easily recognisable among other structures of Torun’s Old Town.

The Planetarium presents popular astronomical shows that embrace almost the entire scope of the astronomical knowledge. There is also an interactive exhibition The Orbitarium, where you can feel like a NASA specialist and a pilot of the Cassini spacecraft.

planetarium torunSince 17th February 1994, when the Planetarium was opened, the number of visitors has been systematically growing and now amounts to about 150,000 each year. In the course of 12 years of its activity, its shows were seen by 1.7 million spectators. This success was possible, in the first place, thanks to the expectations of the guests visiting Torun – when they visit the hometown of Copernicus, they look for connections with the Universe and they find them in the Planetarium. Other factors, such as good cooperation with the educational system and the high quality of the performances contribute to the success.

The Planetarium has been organized and it is still managed by the Foundation of Friends of the Planetarium and the Museum of Nicholas Copernicus. The Foundation also plans to establish a science centre connected with the Universe in Torun.,
15-21 Franciszkanska street
87-100 Torun, Poland

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